1970 MG MGB

MacDill AFB, FL
United States

Category  Classic Vehicles

FOR SALE - Stock file photo shown. Call or Message for pics

Offered through the local Resale Lot
Seller: [Stuart]

Category: Car
Year: 1970
Make: MG
Model: MGB
Sale Price: $5,250.00
Mileage: 87,000
Description: You want to look like Bond, but pay like Rockford Files? This is your chance! You won't automatically look like Pierce Brosnan, but you will have a windscreen with new gaskets around the glass and between the screen and the body. Since it's Florida, you will never need it, but it has a brand-new top and a hard top. The motor is licensed to kill, and it does, on the street. As in the picture (coming soon!), it runs solid at speed. Quantum of Solace showed that Specter didn't have their oil straight, but this MG does with an updated oil system. The dash is redone, so no cracks like most cars from this era. When you find yourself out running Soviets or Scaramanga you will be happy that you have new 3-point seat-belts and the steering is enhanced by the new wheel. While it will not connect you to M, the radio works as it should. Willard White would be proud to drive this car, and so will you! The paint on the car is a 20-footer. She isn't perfect, but she is solid and reliable (especially for a British car). I've got $4,200 in new parts in this car...that's just the new stuff, not the cost of the car. I'm not looking to make a profit. I just want to move to a new project and let someone carry this across the line as their own.
Owner: Stuart Cate
Phone: 910-286-1785
Alternate Phone: 910-286-9272
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