2013 Chrysler 300

MacDill AFB, FL
United States

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Seller: [Jessica]

Category: Car
Year: 2013
Make: Chrysler
Model: 200
Sale Price: $11,500.00
Mileage: 44,080
Description: This is a sporty midsize sedan. It totes a V-6 and many customized features. I am the first owner of this car. It's perfect for a first time vehicle if you're sending little Johnny or Susie off to college. or, if you're looking for an every day commuter car. This vehicle averages around 23-24 mpg. I get around 270-280 miles on a full tank. Plenty of trunk space, big enough for multiple bags and/or a nice jogging stroller. It has remote start up, which can cost a pretty penny to add onto new vehicles. I paid $22 - and some change for it with only 11 miles on it. It has satellite radio, upgraded Boston Acoustic sound system, leather heated seats, automatic headlights, fog lights and so much more. Highly recommended.
Owner: Jessica Brown
Phone: 530-605-9579
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