Classifieds Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
For Sale: 3-Month Listing $0.00
Includes Photos.
Must be an actual item for Sale. No Rentals or Service/Sales Profiles.
For Sale: 6-Month Listing $0.00
Includes up to 10 photos. Featured Listing. Link to your website. YouTube Video.
Must be an actual item for Sale. No Rentals or Service/Sales Profiles.  
Subscription Pricing Plans
On-Base Resale Lot Complimentary Listing $0.00
On-Base Resale Lot Military-wide Posting Access. Post ads for vehicles PARKED on the Base Resale Lot.
Use ONLY if your vehicle is Parked on the Base Lot. Verification by ADMIN applicable.
PCS Vehicle Assist Resale Lot Network Dealer Partner Subscription $199.00
Professional Leads Service
CUSTOM Service-mix Pricing Available (From $99, $199, to other CUSTOM Marketing Support Pricing )
Full Dealer Stock Auto-Import or Manual upload and maintenance
We match our community members with your offers through our PCS Vehicle Assist service.
Full details and guarantee info here: or just Contact us 
Category Based Pricing Plans
Military RVshare: RV Rental Professional Leads Service $10.00
Subscription Approval Required by ADMIN.
Point our audience to your ONLINE RVshare or Outdoorsy RESERVATION LINK or to YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE to $BOOK their next RV adventure!

Includes URL, Video, and up to 10 Photos per Listing.
Auto Shipping Professional Leads Service $99.00
We match our Transitioning (PCS'ing) Military family community members with your Auto/Boat/Bike/RV Shipping service.

On-going dedicated matching campaign features your
Shipping service throughout our 193+ Social Media Groups/Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
Includes URL,Video, and Photos.
Die-Cast Vehicles $0.00
Die-Cast Vehicle Sales (Cas, Trucks, Vans, Classics)
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