Barksdale AFB Resale Lot Keeps Roads Clear

Staff Sgt. Jason McCasland
By Staff Sgt. Jason McCasland, 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs / Published June 28, 2013
BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. -- On average more than 30 vehicles are in the Barksdale used car lot at the Auto Hobby Shop, here.

This lot, also known as the "Lemon Lot," provides a safe and secure location for service men and women to sell their licensed vehicles.

"The lemon lot was set up as a central place for people to sell their cars without leaving them everywhere on base," said Larry Grice, Auto Hobby Shop operations clerk. "It is a one stop shop for cars, trucks, RV's, motorcycles, boats or any licensed vehicle."

Even though the term "Lemon" is used for vehicles with an array of mechanical problems or other issues that are found after it was bought, these vehicles are not lemons.

"Most of the time the cars we get here are being sold due to an Airman's permanent change of station," said Tim Jackson, Auto Hobby Shop manager. "Or they [vehicles owner] just want to give other Airmen a chance to buy it first, before trying to sell it off base."

Almost every base has a lemon lot, even at overseas locations. The lemon lot offers not only a safe, secure, one-stop shop for used vehicles it, offers overseas military members piece of mind during a PCS.

"Many times, Airmen can't PCS with their cars when they head out overseas, or they can't PCS back to the states with a car," said Jackson. "The lemon lot gives Airmen a place to buy and sell. Often, when Airmen get to their new base, the lemon lot is one of their first stops. Especially, if they have family that accompanies them and need a vehicle."

The Lemon Lot has been making a popular name at bases worldwide and can be an important part of the military family's life.

"I found the lemon lot to be very convenient," said Tech. Sgt. Terryl Collins, 2nd Force Support Squadron IDEA program manager. "Not only were people more willing to sell their vehicle to fellow armed services personnel, but they were willing to sell at a more reasonable price."
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