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Kadena Air Base, OKI

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If you ARE PCS'ing to Okinawa, Japan, we want to make your (or your family's) transition as smooth as possible:

We are connected to all major dealers in mainland Japan and auction sites in Japan and will be able to send you our quotation within 24 hours. You can compare our prices and quality of the car with any other dealer.

- Quotation within 24 hours
- Once order placed, we will handle shipping, JCI and registration.
- Within 10 days you will get your car with Y plate.
- Serving the US military community for the last 9 years
- Send us your inquiries and we will send you several options with estimation that will fit your budget and dream.

A. K. Kogyo

Kadena Air Base OKI
A.K Kogyo Co Ltd A. K. Kogyo
We can help you purchase the car or bike you would like to buy from any car dealers (American or Japanese) or from any private seller on the island.