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Save THOUSANDS on MSRP. NEW Volvo Car Buying Program.
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Enjoy greater savings. Capitol Motors Volvo Cars Ramstein offers exclusive discounts and tax-free vehicle sales to overseas US military and US diplomat members: View Showcase

Choosing a Volvo with Capitol Motors means making your life easier, safer, and altogether better, without sacrificing the luxury and technology of today’s best cars.

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How it Works:


Our professional product specialists aren’t only versed in your Volvo of choice. They’re also knowledgeable about all the details and concerns that come with buying a car overseas.

Save Time

At Capitol Motors, we’ll help you save money and time when it comes to shipping your Volvo back to the States and getting it ready for your duty station.

Save Money

Relax and concentrate on choosing your perfect car thanks to our Military and Diplomat Sales programs, offering you factory direct pricing and saving you thousands.


No Risk

Know that with Capitol Motors, we’re there for you every step of the way, freeing you of the uncertainty that is associated with buying a car in a foreign country.. 

Volvo Military & Diplomat Sales – Capitol Motors has proudly served the military and diplomatic community since 1972. With showrooms in Germany and Italy, we’re able to satisfy all your needs and desires when it comes to choosing a top of the line car. We look forward to assisting you at one of our showrooms, or get started now by searching our online inventory of cars. Just like Volvo’s mission, Capitol Motors is here to make your life easier, safer, and better.

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