The Porsche 911 Officially Most Profitable Car | WATCH VIDEO

Rachel Cormack
The Porsche 911 Is Officially the Most Profitable Car of the Year
The latest iteration of the iconic ride earned the marque a staggering $2.47 billion.

The word “classic” gets bandied about a lot when talking about cars, but the Porsche 911 just proved it’s a classic with impenetrable pull even after 50 odd years: The eighth-generation 911, referred to as the 992 by Porsche stans, was just named the most profitable car of 2019. Not only is it a crowd favorite; it’s still a market mover.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg Intelligence, the 992 accounted for around 30 percent of Porsche’s annual earnings since it launched, making it more proportionately profitable than any other set of wheels that debuted this year.
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