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BMW 320i
Misawa Air Base, USMIL
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Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Subaru Legacy
Fort Gordon, GA
JDM Import and Special Order
11/9/2022 Juan Julien
Get EXACTLY What You Want! Your next exotic JDM machine is sourced from our exclusive Domestic & International Automotive network
Consider PCS Vehicle Assist When It's Time for Military Transfer
11/9/2022 Juan Julien
PCS Vehicle Assist allows you to make a smart Military Relocation transition for you and your family. Have your vehicle waiting for you.
So you just got to Japan for PCS. Need to to Drive. Now What?!!
4/26/2021 Military Resale Lot
Let our PCS Vehicle Assist team help you navigate through the murk and hassle of JCI, Insurance, Shaken, and Registration.